Nearing a decade as Vortech!

29 Jul 2014

As you might know, the name of the band changed to Vortech in late 2005, and we are steadfastly closing in on a decade as such. Perhaps that will lead to some special festives, but this will be seen in the future. However, one thing is for sure. There will be more music coming at a usual pace, and here's how I foresee the next few years:

  1. We are soon ready with demoing the songs for the next full length album, with a working title of "...of What Remains". This album is more on the familiar style of Industrial Death Metal, like the Vortech you know best. Should all go well, this album might be out by the end of the year 2014, but it's all down to drum recording schedules. Ville will play real drums once more on the album with Mikko on vocals, and I will of course handle the other instruments. Expect an album closer to the style of Posthumanism than our previous releases.

  2. Playing live is a target for us, and we have been rehearsing more actively this year, with a small summer break for personal reasons. We are on the lookout for opportunities to play live once more, and have a steady selection of 13 songs to pick from.

  3. Should our finances allow for it, we will certainly work on getting Posthumanism and The Occlusion released on factory pressed CDs with full casing and artwork. Another goal is to have a few more t-shirt designs available, and possibly other merchandise (feel free to drop requests on FB!)

  4. If you are a fellow musician, you can also send a message to us and we'll see if there's a chance for collaboration or a guest appearance on our albums! It's always fun to see how others interpret our material, so remixes and such are also more than welcome!

So, looking forward to the next years!

- Juha / Vortech

A Whole Lotta Music

9 Jun 2014

The results of a very busy first half of the year are in! At the moment, 14 new songs are fully demoed, with a couple of more in the works (a few ambient pieces...), but I am still aiming to write some more songs before we will begin the usual process of converting the demos into an album!

But, not to keep you in too much suspense, here are the songs so far with a short description of each. They are listed in alphabetical order:

Battling With A Lion (160 bpm)
A futuristic re-imagination of the old demo track. Lots of ambience. Quite energetic!

Blast Radius (225 bpm)
The song title says it all! An explosion of speed and fury, in a tightly packed powerhouse of a track. Get your industrial death metal grooves out! Just like in the mid-90's...

Disconnect (210 bpm)
A dynamic mixture of blistering melodies and experimental verses. A view to the bitter dawn of a brave new future world. Ends with some nice synchronized madness between the kicks and guitars.

From the Void Arise (172 bpm)
More horror-styled mood, with some melancholic dark melodies. Slightly in the style of Posthumanism, but not quite as fast.

Ghosts of Existence (284 bpm)
Now, if you thought Frozen Machine was ridiculously fast, check this out! Perhaps humanely impossible drums (Ville?), but all the more fun! Just sheer cold and (dark)spaced out black metal - until the end. Ohh, the end will leave you hanging on the edge... Did I mention the song is 7 mins 33 seconds long?

Industrial Complex, Pt. 1 (134 bpm)
And now for something completely different! Slightly looking back to our previous album, but more befitting the mood of this album in general. Dark industrial with some twisted grooves and chugging. Back to the mid-90's, Part 2. Good times!

Internal Poison (240 bpm)
Melodic, fast and heavy. Classic Vortech style with some of the fastest triple picks ever for the band! Trying out some new ways to play keys/synths, and very dark industrial melodies. Originally written with a keyboard!

Neolithic (The Darkness Is Born) (175 bpm)
Another darker piece, re-constructed from two unfinished songs for the previous album. I can almost hear some Swedish influences here and there, but you will recognize it's us for sure!

Oceans of Steel (218 bpm)
One of my supreme favourites of the demos! Extremely energetic, industrialistic and heavy! Prepare for a rainy futuristic mid-part of pure dark beauty!

Predictable End (147 bpm)
Even more industrial metal than most. Another energetic piece of sheer catchy heaviness! Oriental industrial? Anachronism, much? Trying out some strange new drum beats, and guitarless parts.

Proximity (137 bpm)
Industrial Motörhead? Who knows, but this is sheer darkness in industrial metal shape. Expect some more epic synth pads, and a heavy chorus!

Strength In Numbers (132 bpm)
Take a journey into the space industrial-complex! Very melodic, crunchy and futuristic to the bone! With some experimental synths and segues into fast parts. Quite a fun song, and very atmospheric!

The Empty Vessel (189 bpm)
Experimenting with samples and sound FX will sometimes lead into full songs! That's the story of this little piece that brings you heavy riffs! Simple but effective piece of madness! With a very nice breakdown to bring the enjoyability to the max!

Within the Fog (260 bpm)
Also a re-recording of an older outtake. This one from the Wasteland days! The song was ultimately unfinished and was left out of the album. Now's your chance to hear it in the modern days! Fast, traditional and with new atmospheric synths!

A couple of videos from our rehearsals

21 Apr 2014

Here's two videos from our rehearsals in Oulu a few days ago. They were filmed in 1280x720 resolution, so do check it out in full view :)

More vile breaths from the Wastelands

7 Apr 2014

Here's something special!

I found some more leftover project files from the Wasteland sessions (2006), and decided to finish the demo with some modern touches. All synths are new additions, while the drums and guitars are from the original sessions. Hope you enjoy this modern version of old days!