Recording, Day 3

16 Sep 2014

All guitars have now been recorded for the album! So the next step this week is to start recording some bass, and that should be a quick undertaking. Meanwhile, I will also start doing some initial editing and writing some lyrics for the songs. All the guitars are with my brand new guitar, so there will be a small change in the tone - hopefully for the better! I did record some clean guitar parts with the venerable old Schecter, which has been on all Vortech albums to date...

Recording, day 2

15 Sep 2014

Day 2 has started off well, and there's only two songs left to record guitars for! Once all the guitars are ready, it's time to get the bass grooves going. I expect the bass parts to be quite quick to do, as history tells us (one day for every album so far). So far the sound is bright and clean, with four rhythm guitar tracks per song. I expect all guitars to be ready today or tomorrow, and bass by the end of this week.

As with all previous albums, it will still take a while to record the drums and vocals, before the album is ready for release. However, as soon as those are recorded, the album itself should be out quite quickly.

So stay tuned for more!

Currently recording guitars

14 Sep 2014

The recording of guitars and bass for the next album has begun! At the moment, two songs have full final guitars, and probably two more will be completed today. After all guitars are done, then all bass parts will get their final form. So far the sound is quite good indeed, but perhaps we will do some re-amping for the guitars, since it's been a while when we last used a mic and amp combo for guitars (on Wasteland). Should be fun!

The things to come

8 Sep 2014

It feels now that a very strong tracklist for the next album has taken shape! The balance is quite good, with a nice split similar to how it was on Wasteland. And after a few albums' break, there's once more some ambient stuff! Personally I'm quite excited about the songs, and can't wait to have this album out!

All tabulatures have been finished for the songs, so the next step is logically to start recording! At first, as usual, I will record all guitars and bass, and then it's time for Ville to record drums and meanwhile we will write lyrics with Mikko. Once all the lyrics are ready, it's time to record the vocals!

From there on, it's the usual deal - mixing and mastering. Then it is time to release the 7th full length Vortech album!