9 Feb 2007

Alright, all the lyrics are now finished! The remaining work is to tweak them a little for best impact and flow. It's also my birthday today ;) But some updates will follow soon, as I finish the lyrics.


19 Jan 2007

The lyrics are now pretty much done for 5 songs. I will try to finish all the lyrics this weekend and begin recording in early February or so.


9 Jan 2007

Alright, all bass lines have been finalized now and are ready for mixing. I'm still working on the vocals and lyrics.


6 Jan 2007

And we're done! All guitars have now been recorded. The next step is doing the vocals, and it should keep me busy until February. There may be a few surprises, if things work out, so watch out! ;)

DAY 3 (Part 2)

5 Jan 2007

Alright, I managed to record the guitar for two more songs, but unfortunately our band training with my other band Coldway took a little more time, so I couldn't finish the guitars for the final song. I'll record the last one tomorrow morning, and then I have all guitars done!