Brand, shining-new layout

12 May 2007

As you probably have noticed, the website received a small facelift this weekend, all in preparation for the upcoming release. There are a few things that look different with a browser that supports PNG alpha channels, so check the site out with one (Firefox, Opera, IE7, etc). Also, if you see some odd things, try refreshing the site. But meanwhile, enjoy the new site while waiting for some updates in the near future. The second guest vocalist has unfortunately been sick for a while and he may not be able to do the vocals.

Vocal works

29 Apr 2007

The other guest vocalist has finally fixed his gear and can now begin recording his vocals. Hopefully it won't take too long anymore, so I can release the album :) In other news, I've already started doing some inital work towards the next album. About half of the lyrics have now been finished. This time I'll try a different approach, doing the lyrics first and the music afterwards. We'll see what will come from this.

About the mp3 server and forum

15 Apr 2007

Looks like the service provider is finally explaining the constant outages: money. Their own internet provider has asked a lot more money, and that surprised them. So, right now they're cut off for the time being. I guess I'll start looking for a different place to host my mp3s and the forum in.

And finally, some more info about the new album. The second vocalist should start recording his parts soon.

UPDATE, 17 April

The mp3s are now back. A big thanks goes to -Gavin- at Ultimate Metal! :) Still working on a good solution for the forum. Perhaps I'll just remove it and maybe expand the guestbook.

Vocals... revisited

4 Apr 2007

Looks like some of the vocals will in fact happen, and not just by one person - but two! Stay tuned for more information soon. If all goes well, it seems that the first half of the songs will have one and the second half of the album will have another vocalist, with me filling the gaps.

Changes in commenting

31 Mar 2007

Alright, since there's no good way to prevent those damn spambots, I removed commenting from the news. From now on, please post comments to the new guestbook or just join our forum :) And then about Wasteland; It seems that the guest vocals aren't going to happen, so I will start recording the vocals probably next weekend.