And you know what that means!

23 Sep 2007

I'm currently sitting here listening to the finished product for the first time in its entirety, just making sure there's nothing there that shouldn't be. Once I've confirmed it to be perfect, I'm going to start the release procedures. That means if all goes well, you'll hear this album within the next 3,5 hours :)

Just like Conclusion, this album will be released in its entirety for free here at the website and select songs will be added (in fact, they already have been added) to some other media sites like Myspace, and so on. Hang tight.

Well, they're finally on tape!

22 Sep 2007

I did the remaining vocals today and now I have vocals for all the required tracks. As you may have seen, I added a release date for Wasteland into the releases section, and the date is September 26. Mark it on your calendar, or something. Anyways, I heard from Kraken once more and if he manages to record some more vocals tomorrow, I'll include those. But it's no longer necessary for the album to be released, so there's no panic. While at it, I also added some small synth thingies to The Core to spice it up just a little.

Updates for August

25 Aug 2007

Well, looks like it didn't work out. I guess I'll have to record the vocals myself, probably tomorrow morning. Anyways, there's now seven new demo songs and exactly 30 minutes of material for the next Vortech album. I'm going to do three more songs and possibly some intermission electronic things or maybe some more ambient and then start writing the lyrics for them. At the same time, I'll probably start recording all the DI tracks for the songs and see where it goes from there. Maybe I'll have them reamped or just use an amp emulator again.


16 Aug 2007

That's what I'd say about this fifth new song that I wrote :) Things are progressing nicely with 20 minutes of new material ready at this point. A second bunch of new stuff still needs to be done over time and I should have a very nice release ready once more. Which leads us to Wasteland. I sent Daedolon some clean vocal demo lines and he'll do those at his studio sometime soon. Should provide a nice edge to the track Instigate Hostile Reaction. That's the last one remaining at this point.