Vortech on Pommiradio today

19 Oct 2007

Tune to Pommiradio here: Pommiradio . They will play some Vortech material within the next three hours (timezones below):

9:00 to 12:00 UTC
12:00 - 15:00 GMT +3 (Helsinki)
5 AM to 8 AM EDT (New York)
6 PM to 9 PM (Tokyo).

Update: They played Evolutionary Project and made a few comments about the style of the band.

It's spreading well

18 Oct 2007

There will be a full page interview and a review for Wasteland on the next Miasma magazine (#21). Vortech was also chosen as the Internet Find of the Week on the Finnish metal radio Pommiradio.

The Wasteland is nigh!

23 Sep 2007

The album has now been released. You can get it below (Lame 3.97 Final VBR NEW -v2), or from Last.fm (Lame 3.97 Final 128 kbit CBR): http://www.last.fm/music/Vortech/Wasteland

Wasteland (2007)

Get it in one .zip from here: vortech-wasteland.zip

01. The Core
02. Evolutionary Project
03. Their Contract
04. Instigate Hostile Reaction
05. Impulse
06. Perdition
07. The Silence
08. Winds of Contamination
09. Radiant Storm
10. Wasteland Roamers

Enjoy, and remember to post comments in the guestbook, or join our forum at: http://user.personal.fi/musiikki/torniojaws/forum.

And you know what that means!

23 Sep 2007

I'm currently sitting here listening to the finished product for the first time in its entirety, just making sure there's nothing there that shouldn't be. Once I've confirmed it to be perfect, I'm going to start the release procedures. That means if all goes well, you'll hear this album within the next 3,5 hours :)

Just like Conclusion, this album will be released in its entirety for free here at the website and select songs will be added (in fact, they already have been added) to some other media sites like Myspace, Mikseri.net and so on. Hang tight.

Well, they're finally on tape!

22 Sep 2007

I did the remaining vocals today and now I have vocals for all the required tracks. As you may have seen, I added a release date for Wasteland into the releases section, and the date is September 26. Mark it on your calendar, or something. Anyways, I heard from Kraken once more and if he manages to record some more vocals tomorrow, I'll include those. But it's no longer necessary for the album to be released, so there's no panic. While at it, I also added some small synth thingies to The Core to spice it up just a little.