Tracks for the next release

2 Dec 2007

Well, here's a breakdown on the tracks of the next Vortech release. The titles aren't finished yet, they're just working titles. Also, the final tracklist will be different, this list is just alphabetical:

Bewildered Beyond Disknowledge (3:33)
An older demo track remade, somewhat fast and traditional

Biodroid Legions (4:32)
A fast one with a very heavy and dark chorus

Civil War (Funker Vogt cover) (5:29)
This will maybe appear on the release, if I feel like it and I get a permission to use it. Compared to the original, this one's more concise and of course much heavier with guitars et al. Some artistic liberties taken too.

Deep Beneath (6:28)
An ambient piece in Dark Corners of the Earth mood. Darkness and pressure.

Re-Activate (3:28)
A bit darker song with some nice choirs, somewhat fast.

Retribution (3:50)
Lots of strange melodies, midtempo with some blackish parts.

Rust (3:14)
Fast one, quite grindy with a lush C-part

Shadow Shapes (4:00)
The first song I did for this release, tricksy and melodic

The Six Phases of Unrest (4:21)
Progressive and twisty, lots of varied parts.

The Undying Storm (4:28)
Another proggy one with a driving chorus

Voidforms (4:32)
More prog, this time a bit Arcturus-styled with strange leads and a dark fadeout

Vortech in Miasma magazine

23 Nov 2007

There's an interview/article on Vortech on the newest Miasma magazine (#21). I'm still waiting for mine to arrive so I can't describe what the final article is like. But we talked about the new album, the songwriting side and the equipment used while making Vortech albums. There was discussion about internet releases and such, too.

The next Vortech album

21 Nov 2007

It's taking shape very well. Currently I have ten songs done and I'm still working on two more. The total length is about 50 minutes, but one song may drop depending on how I can re-do it, as I'm not yet satisfied with it. There may be one cover song, depending if I like the final product and if I get a permission for it. Once I've finished polishing up all the songs, it's time to start recording them.

This time I will do the guitars a little bit different than usual. I'm planning to re-amp them in Relativity's rehearsal space house at some serious volume >:) and I think I'll make it two tracks of Marshall JCM900 SL-X 50W and two tracks of Engl Powerball 100W, both through my Engl Vintage 2x12" cab. Should sound sweet. Leads will probably be done with the Marshall.

Overall the songs will be a lot more varied and progressive-ish than previously. A little slower too, except for two songs (no ballads though, heh). And decidedly more electronics all over. But don't worry, you'll still recognize the band in question ;)

New site online and downloads are back

3 Nov 2007

Instead of having all songs available as single-file downloads, I just put a few select full songs per each release that you can download to get a picture of the music on that album. The full album .zip downloads are of course still available. I feel that this makes it a bit more simpler for counting downloads and you getting a better picture of the music.

And of course the new website. Hope you enjoy it.

Downloads offline for a while

28 Oct 2007

The FTP service provider deleted all the files from Gavin's server because it apparently violates their terms of service, so until at earliest next wednesday (October 31) the files will be offline. I'll see if I can work something temporary out. Update: the main download link for the full album .zip works again, but the single-song links are still down.