8 Jan 2008

Some people wonder how I can keep on putting out releases so fast. Here's how: I've already been fiddling around with two new tracks for the next album after the upcoming one :D Just received my new midi keyboard today, so now I can truly compose some nice midi stuff to the songs. The two songs so far seem to be a bit more keyboard oriented, so it might bring a nice change for the usual riffing.

Oh and I also received my reamp box in the same shipment, so now I can also test around and see how it would work for some live playing. Kraken would also be the live lead guitarist (or bassist) and vocalist, if we ever do some live shows in the future. I would play rhythm guitar and handle the synths, electronics and such.

Anyways, still continuing with the lyrics.

Small update to the site

6 Jan 2008

I just finished tweaking some small things on pretty much every page of the site, plus I changed the Releases section completely. The Pictures section was changed too. If you see any strange things, or things which look odd, just refresh the site with Ctrl + F5 so it reloads everything from the server and doesn't use (old) cached files.

Oh and I'm quite sure the next album will be called Deep Beneath. It depends on how the lyrics come together and whether it fits the title. However, the artwork I'm pretty set on. I'm still working on the front cover of the album, but here's the inner booklet and back artwork. Click on the images to open the DeviantArt pages of them, with a full-sized version. There's no text and such yet in the versions I posted, since someone might think the song titles are final. They aren't yet.

Deep Beneath Back Art

Inner booklet:
Deep Beneath Inner Art

Albums of the Year 2007

30 Dec 2007

Well, since the year is just about done I guess I'll list my personal Top 10 albums of 2007:

#01: Ulver - Shadows of the Sun
#02: Elend - A World In Their Screams
#03: The Sin:Decay - Rehabilitation (EP)
#04: Samael - Solar Soul
#05: Rotting Christ - Theogonia
#06: Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos
#07: D𤨥imsgard - Supervillain Outcast
#08: Kaipa - Angling Feelings
#09: Grendel - Harsh Generation
#10: Ministry - The Last Sucker

Oh and just in time for the new year, I upgraded the forum to phpBB 3.0.0 :) Should be much more bot-free now.

Wasteland downloads

15 Dec 2007

The album Wasteland has now been downloaded 200 times in full since October 6 when I started counting. Also, there's almost 1000 unique listeners of Vortech over at Last.fm. Both are nice milestones to reach. Hopefully there will be a lot more downloads to come, too ;) In other news, I'm pretty much done with the next album's song order. Starting soon with the lyrics too.

Looks like the download url to the Wasteland .zip file had been reverted to an older one with the redirect pointing to the previous ftp location, so the link didn't work. It's fixed now.

Tracks for the next release

2 Dec 2007

Well, here's a breakdown on the tracks of the next Vortech release. The titles aren't finished yet, they're just working titles. Also, the final tracklist will be different, this list is just alphabetical:

Bewildered Beyond Disknowledge (3:33)
An older demo track remade, somewhat fast and traditional

Biodroid Legions (4:32)
A fast one with a very heavy and dark chorus

Civil War (Funker Vogt cover) (5:29)
This will maybe appear on the release, if I feel like it and I get a permission to use it. Compared to the original, this one's more concise and of course much heavier with guitars et al. Some artistic liberties taken too.

Deep Beneath (6:28)
An ambient piece in Dark Corners of the Earth mood. Darkness and pressure.

Re-Activate (3:28)
A bit darker song with some nice choirs, somewhat fast.

Retribution (3:50)
Lots of strange melodies, midtempo with some blackish parts.

Rust (3:14)
Fast one, quite grindy with a lush C-part

Shadow Shapes (4:00)
The first song I did for this release, tricksy and melodic

The Six Phases of Unrest (4:21)
Progressive and twisty, lots of varied parts.

The Undying Storm (4:28)
Another proggy one with a driving chorus

Voidforms (4:32)
More prog, this time a bit Arcturus-styled with strange leads and a dark fadeout