A week my ass...

31 Jan 2008

I just finished recording all the bass tracks for all songs in one day :) So, now I have all the DI tracks for guitars and bass for all songs. Next up I'll do demo vocals for all the songs so that Kraken can learn how they go. Then he can start recording, or actually I can start recording since we can record the vocals over at the Relativity rehearsal space. Not this weekend since he doesn't have time to learn the songs and not next weekend since I'll be touring in Sweden with Relativity, but the next weekend (15 - 17 February) after that we should be able to start recording.

The next phase begins

23 Jan 2008

Alright, I just finished tabbing the songs too, so now I have both lyrics and tabs for all the songs. That means that I'll begin recording DI guitars and bass soon, and that process will probably take a week or two. I've made preliminary arrangements with Kraken and he'll probably do vocals on a lot of the songs once again. Right now I'll go through the lyrics once more and decide the final titles for the songs.

Here's the final tracklist and song titles:

01. The Awakening GDI | BDI
02. Biodroid Legions GDI | BDI
03. The Undying Storm GDI | BDI
04. Shadow Shapes GDI | BDI
05. Retribution GDI | BDI
06. Bewildered GDI | BDI
07. Deep Beneath
08. Subjugation GDI | BDI
09. Exile Within GDI | BDI
10. So They Rise GDI | BDI

Songs with a green GDI and BDI in them indicate that I've finished recording the final DI tracks for them; GDI = Guitar DI, BDI = Bass DI.

If all goes well, the album should be out sometime March 2008. But if everything goes extremely well, it might be out a lot sooner.

Here's a quick video of what's to come (from Biodroid Legions):

Now that the guitars are done, it's bass time! I've also got a big bunch of videos from the DI guitar recording sessions, which I might compile a video of this weekend!

The List of Occurences

14 Jan 2008

Well, I guess I'll just update this list to let you know how things progress. The tracklist and song titles aren't 100% final, there may be changes to both. But it's currently my choice between the various song orders I've tested:

Progress status last updated 23 January 2008. All lyrics are finished, last tab starting.

01. Re.Activate
- Lyrics done
- Guitar Pro tab done

02. Biodroid Legions
- Lyrics done
- Guitar Pro tab done

03. The Undying Storm
- Lyrics done
- Guitar Pro tab done

04. Shadow Shapes
- Lyrics done
- Guitar Pro tab done

05. Retribution
- Lyrics done
- Guitar Pro tab done

06. Bewildered Beyond Disknowledge
- Lyrics done
- Guitar Pro tab done

07. Deep Beneath (ambient track)

08. Rust
- Lyrics done
- Guitar Pro tab done

09. The Six Phases of Unrest
- Lyrics done
- Guitar Pro tab done

10. Voidforms
- Lyrics done
- Guitar Pro tab done


8 Jan 2008

Some people wonder how I can keep on putting out releases so fast. Here's how: I've already been fiddling around with two new tracks for the next album after the upcoming one :D Just received my new midi keyboard today, so now I can truly compose some nice midi stuff to the songs. The two songs so far seem to be a bit more keyboard oriented, so it might bring a nice change for the usual riffing.

Oh and I also received my reamp box in the same shipment, so now I can also test around and see how it would work for some live playing. Kraken would also be the live lead guitarist (or bassist) and vocalist, if we ever do some live shows in the future. I would play rhythm guitar and handle the synths, electronics and such.

Anyways, still continuing with the lyrics.

Small update to the site

6 Jan 2008

I just finished tweaking some small things on pretty much every page of the site, plus I changed the Releases section completely. The Pictures section was changed too. If you see any strange things, or things which look odd, just refresh the site with Ctrl + F5 so it reloads everything from the server and doesn't use (old) cached files.

Oh and I'm quite sure the next album will be called Deep Beneath. It depends on how the lyrics come together and whether it fits the title. However, the artwork I'm pretty set on. I'm still working on the front cover of the album, but here's the inner booklet and back artwork. Click on the images to open the DeviantArt pages of them, with a full-sized version. There's no text and such yet in the versions I posted, since someone might think the song titles are final. They aren't yet.

Deep Beneath Back Art

Inner booklet:
Deep Beneath Inner Art