Vocal sessions, day 3

2 Mar 2008

We just finished the third day of vocal recording and we managed to finish 3,5 songs. I did the vocals for one song in full and a nice black metal part in one song, which cracked us up very badly :) Very grim and frostbitten ;) So there is only 2,5 songs left to do, but they are quite difficult ones which means the progress is slow. Hopefully we can finish up them tomorrow. Then it's finally time to start mixing. Oh, and as usual there's a few videos and pictures, so hang tight for them.

Vocal recording progress

1 Mar 2008

The recording session has started up nicely today. We finished three songs, and I also did vocals for three songs which may be used in the final album. Tomorrow we'll try to record three more songs. Hopefully on monday we'll be able to finish the last three songs and then it's time to start mixing the new album!

I took some pictures and videos, which I'll add later.

There's now four additional pictures in the Photos section for Deep Beneath.

Diary updated and lots of new pictures added!

28 Feb 2008

Check out the diary for updated information from the sessions. Also check out the Photos section for 14 new pictures from the recordings at Siwa Studios. Tomorrow there will be more pictures from the vocal recording session with Kraken.

Website now updated + guitar info

27 Feb 2008

As you hopefully see, I just updated the website layout for the upcoming album. As usual, if you see anything strange, try force refreshing with Ctrl + F5. There's a lot more stuff in the studio diary for the new album, so go check it out! I will add some pictures from the sessions later on.

As for the guitars, I decided the scrub the reamped tracks and just go with impulses and EQ spectrums for the final tone. The reamped tracks sounded nice on their own and all, but they didn't fit very well into the mix, so it was a nice test but better left for some more practice. Anyways, this weekend and during next week, we'll be recording Kraken's vocals for the album over at the Siwa Studios. I already recorded two vocal tracks of my own last friday, but we'll see if I'll use them on the album.


Reamping is done + more!

22 Feb 2008

Alright, the session went beautifully after some initial fiddling. I've now got roughly 24 guitar tracks per song, dual miced with SM57 and into the Fireface 400. I also did vocals for the first two tracks so I can begin to do some initial vocal mixes of the songs. Right now I need some sleep after sitting in one place for 3 hours pushing space and clicking record :)

I've got a whole bunch of pictures and videos from the session, which I will add to the "Making of" video for Deep Beneath. Also, as usual with the release of a new album, I've got a new website layout finished and I will post it as soon as finish writing out the last plain text tabulatures for the new songs. Maybe next week or so. It's also time to start recording Kraken's vocals soon, so hang tight!

And here's a quick video clip from the session: marsu-reamp.avi. Enjoy.