CD news

4 Jun 2008

I've finished with the material and have sent an order for the CDs to the factory. Unfortunately the super jewelbox was a bit too expensive, so I decided to go with the regular jewelbox instead. Anyways, there will be 100 pcs of both Wasteland and Deep Beneath available, and 50 pcs of Conclusion.

And as a special bonus for CD orders, there are two bonus tracks on Deep Beneath (instrumental original demo versions of Biodroid Legions and Retribution), plus the making of... video for the album, which you can watch at Youtube too in lower quality.

I will start taking orders once the CDs arrive, which shouldn't take too long anymore. If all goes well, they'll be available on Friday the 13th (oooh) of June. Each CD will cost 12 euros (18 USD) + shipping: 3 euros in Europe, 4 euros (6 USD) for the rest of the world. If you order more CDs, the shipping will be cheaper per CD.

The t-shirts will be available later this month.

Update, 10 June 2008:
Looks like payments from outside the EU area would be problematic (expensive). I'll try looking into other options, so that fans living outside the EU area can also buy the albums. There's a distributor possibility, which would also make PayPal a possible payment method. The problem is that it would make the CDs a little bit more expensive, but if you order several CDs at once, after the shipping costs they will cost less.

May update

6 May 2008

Deep Beneath has been downloaded 430 times, and Wasteland is soon at 400! Things are progressing well so far, and I should have the CD prints of the three full length albums available in mid-June. They will be in super jewel box form with an 8-page booklet with all the lyrics and I'll see if there will be some additional artwork for the inner pages.

I'll also start working on some new material around that time. I don't know how the material will turn out, but I have a feeling it will be quite fast with a lot more keyboards and synths now with a MIDI keyboard available.

Making of Deep Beneath

5 Apr 2008

Here you have the full Making of Deep Beneath video set at Youtube. The total length is 22:20, hope you enjoy it :)

Downloads and Updates

4 Apr 2008

Deep Beneath has now been downloaded almost 300 times! Thanks to everyone for interest! And as for the CD release of the three full length albums, things are progressing well. It is now quite certain that they will be available this summer and there will also be a Vortech t-shirt available. Depending on how well the shirt sells, there may also be a second type of t-shirt later on for diversity.

During this time, I've been preparing all the background tracks for most of the songs from the three latest albums for possible live gigs this fall/winter. But first we need to rehearse the songs with Kraken during the summer and also see if it's feasible to perform with just two guys. If there's gigs, they will most likely be in this area (Tornio-Kemi-Oulu, maybe Rovaniemi) and perhaps in Sweden (Haparanda, Luleå¡¡nd maybe Umeå©® I will also try to record those gigs and see how it works. Maybe put out a live album for fun, or just have them available for download. We'll see.

I'll also start composing for the next Vortech album this summer, as usual, and aim for a release in the first quarter of 2009. So far there's just some material I came up with during the DB sessions and some other things, but nothing full yet.

The new album has been released!

6 Mar 2008

Today marks the release of Deep Beneath, the latest installment of the Vortech saga. Enjoy a dark release with heavy Lovecraftian undertones set in a futuristic world about to come to an end.

There will be a 100 pcs CD print of the album this summer and maybe some t-shirts too, so hang tight for those if you prefer a hard copy :)

Deep Beneath (2008)
Deep Beneath class=

Download the FULL album here: (64 MB)

01. The Awakening
02. Biodroid Legions
03. The Undying Storm
04. Shadow Shapes
05. Retribution
06. Bewildered
07. Deep Beneath
08. Subjugation
09. Exile Within
10. So They Rise

All music, lyrics and arrangements by Juha Untinen. Released on 6 March 2008. Mixed and mastered by Juha Untinen in March 2008. Recorded by Juha Untinen at Liberty Street Studios, January 2008. Vocals recorded at Siwa Studios, February/March 2008. Personnel: Juha Untinen - guitars, bass, programming and vocals, Kraken - guest vocals [1-3, 5, 6, 8-10], Mikko Nurmos - guest spoken vocals [8]

Enjoy ;)

Update: the album has been downloaded over 200 times in 4 days!