Progress towards album #4

28 Aug 2008

Well, I just finished two more demo songs, which brings the grand total to 8 finished demo songs clocking in at just under 35 minutes. I'll keep writing more songs until the end of October, or early November. Then I'll start going through the songs and picking which ones will be on the album and doing any changes needed to the other songs. After that I'll start working on the lyrics, which should be done around early December or so, hopefully. In January, it's once again time to start recording the final songs. The vocal recording sessions should be fun with mobile equipment now at my disposal.

Here's some quick run-throughs of the songs so far, in alphabetical order with working titles for songs, the final names will be decided after the lyrics are done:

Afterworld (3:54) [234 bpm]
Quite a fast song that starts out with a deceiving melody before lashing out. The first chorus is quite an evil sounding one, followed by a very old school Swedish death metal style main chorus.

Astral Breed (3:58) [145 bpm]
A midtempo song with a mysterious main verse. The second part takes up the first space shuttle available. The chorus is a very sneaky one combining trance with a black metalish slower guitarline.

Bleak Expectations (4:52) [220 bpm]
Starts out with some synth work, followed by some technical riffage with more black metal touches. The chorus is very melodic with lots of synth stuff and arpeggios. The C part contains black metal and more space-synths, with a nice solo spot later on.

Humanity: Static (5:41) [156 bpm]
Very driving song all around, with lots of electronics and synths. A nice mystical and evil sounding chorus. Could be the album opener.

Posthumanism (3:54) [256 bpm]
Extremely fast stuff, with a nice twisted melody-riddled chorus and lots of time signature changes. Very futuristic sound. Another candidate for an album opener.

The Wolves (4:39) [157 bpm]
Starts out with an oriental style shredfest, followed by a futuristic setting going towards a very electronic chorus. Lots of heavy riffs.

Transcendence (3:31) [157 bpm]
The first song composed after Deep Beneath. Nice and futuristic with a nice drive. The chorus may get a small change, but at the moment it's got a nice melody going on. The C-part features completely over the top drum machine work.

Xenomorphosis (4:17) [244 bpm]
Fast stuff with a very futuristic feeling, fans of the original Need for Speed soundtrack will feel at home, especially during the chorus. Relentless song.

There you go for the time being!

Reviews are starting to appear

19 Aug 2008

The first one is the Finnish Imperiumi: - Wasteland, 7/10 - Deep Beneath, 7/10

Not bad scores at all, since the same guy gave 8ݯ10 to Darkspace's III, which is one of the best albums of this year :) In short, the reviewer liked everything except the drum machine.

I'll add more review links once they are published. There should be about half a dozen ones in English too, so hang tight!

Website updated

31 Jul 2008

As you can see, the site has now been updated. If you see anything strange, try refreshing via Ctrl + F5. There's a lot of new material on the site, including a full and extremely thorough history of the band in the Bio section. It also has some additional information about past members. What's completely new is the Live section, which will list all our future performances and also all our past performances with complete setlists, pictures or videos from the show and some information about the show and equipment. Don't forget the Guestbook either!

There is now a separate Shop section with complete ordering information for all Vortech albums and future merchandise, once they are available.

Tilausohjeet Vortechin levyille lò¹´¹y Shop -osiosta myò³ ³uomeksi.

Have fun!

Promotional material and updates

25 Jul 2008

I'm sending promotional albums for select magazines and websites on Monday, so in a while there should be a lot of new reviews for Deep Beneath (13 places) and Wasteland (5 places). Also, I'm currently finishing up a brand new layout for the Vortech website. It will include some new material and sections, plus a few surprises!

Promo albums

And finally, as some of you may have noticed on, I've got six songs demoed for the next Vortech album. This time I've been doing a mixture of speed and electronics, which should provide more listening pleasure ;) The working titles for the songs are: Afterworld, Humanity:Static, Posthumanism, The Wolves, Transcendence and Xenomorphosis.

And lastly, Vortech albums are still available to buy worldwide from at a good price. You can also buy them from me for 11,99 euros per CD via e-mail at (EU countries only). Levyj䡳aat edelleen ostettua l婥tt室ll䡳婫򰯳tia minulle, hintaa levyll䡯n 11,99 euroa.

CDs available as of now!

13 Jun 2008

You can now order the CD albums anywhere in the world through (Note: new address). Initially there's 10 pcs of each album available, but if the stock runs out I will send them more albums. Be quick though, as the stocks are small! Have fun :)

36 pcs of Conclusion are available
77 pcs of Wasteland are available
67 pcs of Deep Beneath are available
(figures updated as orders/reservations are placed)


- EU citizens:
To order e-mail to: I will provide more information as a reply.
- Worldwide:
You can buy the albums at:

Buying from me (EU only!), each CD costs 11,99 euros + shipping 3 euros. If you order more CDs at once, the total shipping costs will be smaller. Free shipping if you order all three CDs at once!

L婥t䡳婫򰯳tia osoitteeseen Kerron tarkemmat tiedot vastauksena.

Jokainen levy maksaa 11,99 euroa + postikulut yhteens䠳 euroa. Jos tilaat enemm宠levyj䡫erralla, on kokonaispostikulut halvemmat. Jos tilaat kaikki kolme levy䡳amalla, ei tilaukseen tule postikuluja! Voit halutessasi ostaa levyj䡭y򳠼a href="">TheGround.comista. L婩nn䡳e on tarkoitettu EU:n ulkopuolelle myyt巩lle levyille.

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