Reverb Nation

29 Sep 2008

I just opened up an accout for Vortech at Reverb Nation. I added a new instrumental demo song available there, called Posthumanism. Go check it out:

Heh, except that their servers crashed? Seems to be back online.

Dry rehearsing and guestbook update

28 Sep 2008

Well, I started dry rehearsing at home today and after a few completions, it's starting to feel real good with the songs. Except for a few extreme jumps from rhythm to lead guitar, everything goes nice and smoothly. I won't reveal the song list, because that would ruin the fun :) But I can tell that there's 1 song from Conclusion, 4 songs from Wasteland and 4 songs from Deep Beneath, and the total duration is somewhere around 40 minutes in all. We will begin rehearsing next weekend and hopefully we'll make it in time to do some gigs this year.

And regarding the guestbook. I'm not sure if there was some bug in it, making some messages appear empty, but I just re-wrote it from scratch and now it definitely should function without problems (plus a bit more streamlined). So, if your messages have disappeared, try it now.


27 Sep 2008

Some small news to tell. Firstly, I have completed all the necessary tracks etc for Vortech rehearsals and live shows, so now we can begin rehearsing. At the same time, I went through the unfinished Deep Beneath text tabulatures, and all of them are now finished too. You can see them in the Tabs section.

You asked for it, you got it!

18 Sep 2008

You can now buy all three Vortech albums as FLAC files from Each album costs 3,99 euros and here's the direct links:

Deep Beneath

The same payment options (PayPal, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, etc) are available as before.

The artwork for the albums can be downloaded here


It's a live one, soon

15 Sep 2008

Alright, the preparations are soon nearing an end. I've finished almost all the backing tracks (drums, electronics, etc). All live drums use the same Superior Drummer 2.0 kit, so that there's the same drum sound for all songs from each album. And at that, I also re-composed a lot of the drumming from Conclusion and Wasteland. The drums still play mostly the same base beats, but with different fills and such, and sometimes different beats altogether. A lot of the songs have new synths added too, and in a few cases there's all new synth work in the songs that didn't have any on the album (Their Contract and Winds of Contamination, most prominently). So, you'll hear much new stuff in the live renditions of the songs :)

I still need to finish a few more songs, though, but it shouldn't take long. The next step is rehearsing all the songs with Matti, and hopefully we can start the rehearsals this weekend. Once we can nail most of the songs, we can start looking for gigs :)