The CD is now available!

25 Sep 2015

The shipment has now arrived and we can start sending out all the new CDs. In case you were waiting for it to become available, you can order it from our BandCamp page:

Here's some pics...

CD Of What Remains
CD Of What Remains
CD Of What Remains

Release the Album!

18 Sep 2015

The album has now been released and you can get it from our BandCamp, and it will soon be available in streaming services Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play and Amazon Music!

Enjoy another fine release!

Now in Spotify!

It is now available in iTunes!

Also in Google Play:

And in Deezer:

At Amazon Music:
Amazon Music

It's time to tell the story of what remains!

17 Sep 2015

Our 7th full length album, ...of What Remains, is finally being released tomorrow morning - September 18, 2015 - and you will hear a return to the Industrial Death Metal style you know and love! Enjoy a full blast with some groove added in, in this dystopian future that is known as reality!

The digital version will be available through BandCamp, and it also streams in Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, and Amazon Music! So be on the look-out and spread the death!

A CD version is also just about ready, and it will ship out from the manufacturing to us on September 21, and should be available for purchase very soon! You can also preorder it through BandCamp tomorrow, so hang tight! It will come with a full 8-page full colour booklet with all the lyrics and also liner notes for each song, describing the writing process and the story behind the lyrics!

...of What Remains cover art

The full tracklist:

01. Decay to Static
02. Disconnect
03. Ghosts of Existence
04. Strength In Numbers
05. Internal Poison
06. Signal Loss
07. Oceans of Steel
08. Predictable End
09. Blast Radius
10. Neolithic (The Darkness Is Born)
11. Underutilized
12. Toxin Release

Total length 52:47

First new song available!

7 Sep 2015

Enjoy some bombastic stuff from the very beginning of the album! Oh and it appears you can hear short samples of each song in the Record Union page in the previous post :) Go check it out!