Gig update

22 May 2009

Two new bands have been added to the Oulu gig on 12 June:

We are most likely playing as the second band, see you there! Oh and we'll also bring CDs for sale, at a nice price of all three CDs (Conclusion, Wasteland and Deep Beneath) for 30 euros in total! But if things go well, there might be something more...

Loads of downloads!

16 May 2009

Posthumanism has been downloaded 518 times now, and Deep Beneath recently reached 1014 downloads! Nice milestones to reach, thank you :) Be prepared for the first Vortech live performance in years on 12 June at Oulu! The setlist will contain 5 songs from Posthumanism, 2 songs from Deep Beneath and 3 songs from Wasteland. See you there!

Oh and remember to tune to The Pit of the Damned web radio on 18 May at 21-22:30 (C.E.T.) to hear Vortech and others! The address is The show will also be re-broadcast on 20 May (19-20:30 [C.E.T.]) and 22 May (04-05:30 [C.E.T.])!

Planning the next release

13 May 2009

Okay, now that the album has been out for a while, it's time to look forward towards the next release! I've been meaning to do something a bit different for a while, and I think now is the moment for it. The next one will be a 5 or 6 song EP with a very very wild musical style which I won't reveal quite yet, but let's say it's something that not many people (if any!) have done before :) If it works out, who knows - maybe the next full length will also continue in that style...

Live updates

24 Apr 2009

Well, for the arranger's personal reasons the Liminka gig will probably not happen, and Fatal Sound Project had to cancel the 12 June gig in Oulu due to double-booking. We'll still play there, but the second band will be selected later.

Oh and slightly related, I will be doing a solo cover gig at a school May Day afterparty, playing an hour's worth of party music. There will be songs from Pain, Clawfinger, The Prodigy, Rob Zombie and so on :) If you're around in Kemi, come see the show! The venue is still unclear, but I'll update once I know it.

The venue is Hullu Pohjola and the show starts at around 23:59 on 30 April.

Update #2:
Okay, due to a small miscommunication, there will be an ad for the show stating that Vortech will play there. It's not Vortech and there won't be Vortech songs (unless the audience really wants to hear some more :P). The official name of the one-off show band is Boylestad Slam (inside humour).

Reaching the limits

21 Apr 2009

Alright, looks like there was so much demand for the older albums (too) that we've almost reached the monthly transfer limits and I'm not sure what the provider does when you exceed it: either they close the site for the month, or it will become very slow. So if the site closes (there's only about 20 MB left, so it probably happens soon), check out our Myspace and pages while waiting for the site to return!

Oh and Posthumanism has been downloaded 350 times in 5 days!