Liminka Cancelled

27 Jun 2009

Unfortunately the organizers have cancelled the event, so naturally we will not be playing at Liminka either. Hopefully we'll play there some other day, as it seems that they're still trying to make the show happen at a later date.

In other news, I'm soon going to start composing material for the next release. I'll see how the composing progresses. There may be two different releases at the same time depending on a few things.

Liminka unsure

16 Jun 2009

It looks like the organizer is having some financial issues, so the gig may or may not happen. I'll post more information once I get some news from them.


13 Jun 2009

The gig went quite nicely and we had fun, thanks for everyone! I'll post the details soon to the live section. Now it's time to prepare for the next gig on 4 July at Liminka.

Gig tonight

12 Jun 2009

Okay, tonight's the big night! After 8 years of not playing live with Vortech, it's once again time to play a gig. We'll play 10 songs and for about 45 minutes, so you'll get a nice fill. The first band starts at 23:00 and we'll start at around midnight. There's also CDs for sale at the show, for 10 euros per album. See you there!