6 Oct 2009

Well, it seems the Oulu gig on 15 October still isn't certain. It seems the arrangers are not sure about the show, so don't hold your horses for the show to happen. We hope it does, but it seems fairly unlikely.

One more gig

30 Sep 2009

A new gig is confirmed for Thursday 3 December in Raahe at the Rytmikellari! Free entrance! We will also have some shirts and CDs for sale, as usual. Come and taste the band!


28 Sep 2009

There might be a show coming up around mid-October in Oulu! More information coming up later. Oh and the songwriting process is still going on, right now there's four full demo songs, one almost finished demo song, and 2-3 partial songs being worked on! Looks like the songs are kinda new style, some parts much harder black metal and some parts much more electro-industrial. We'll see what comes out in the end :D

The t-shirts have arrived!

18 Sep 2009

Check out the Shop for the new items available for purchase! Both, of course, feature the brand new t-shirt! The first package features the first 3 full length CDs + the new t-shirt for 35 euros + shipping! The second is the t-shirt by itself for 13 euros + shipping!

EU citizens can also purchase them directly from us by e-mailing to (bank transfer only!).

Suomalaiset fanit voivat my򳫩n ottaa yhteytt䡹ll䡯levaan s婫򰯳tiosoitteeseen, jolloin maksuvaihtoehtoina on tilisiirron lis嬳i postiennakko (Itella tai Matkahuolto) tai sitten henkil򫯨taisesti, jos olet k庭崳䡔orniossa p媮.

And here's a picture of the newcomer:
Vortech t-shirt

T-Shirt Contest Finished!

3 Sep 2009

The results are in and the winner is.... Marko R.! Congratulations!

And the design that received the most votes (40 % of votes) was design number 3, or this one:

Winning T-Shirt

The shirt will be ordered early next week and will probably arrive from printing around mid-September. Thank you for your votes everyone!