Another new song

31 Oct 2009

Just finished the newest piece, 262 bpm of all-out black metalish shredding ;) It's a ridiculous song, and should be fun to play live :D

Gig in Oulu!

23 Oct 2009

There's a new show added for 4 November (wednesday) at Ykå® Pub in Oulu! Joining us will be Dò²´¥rror from Gothenburg, Sweden and Magpie from Oulu. See you there!

No gig next week

11 Oct 2009

Yeah, still no word from the arrangers and we set the deadline to this day. So, it leaves more time to prepare for the Raahe gig in December! There are some cool plans, but more on that later on.

Still working on the new songs, and the newest piece is a really slow apocalyptic vision of doom (ooh, where did I hear that?). It sounds really cool and different :) It may become the album closing song. And as I keep on listening to the 5 fully finished tracks, they feel more and more kickass! Can't wait to release the next album :) But there's still lots of work left before that...


6 Oct 2009

Well, it seems the Oulu gig on 15 October still isn't certain. It seems the arrangers are not sure about the show, so don't hold your horses for the show to happen. We hope it does, but it seems fairly unlikely.

One more gig

30 Sep 2009

A new gig is confirmed for Thursday 3 December in Raahe at the Rytmikellari! Free entrance! We will also have some shirts and CDs for sale, as usual. Come and taste the band!