Website back!

17 Nov 2009

Our webhost screwed up the domain update and that's why you saw the ad page for a while. Now the site seems to be back up, so have fun!

I'm currently working on a thrashier song, let's see what happens with it.

I also finished one previously started song, called Charcoal Earth. Melancholic, electronic and fast :P There's now 8 finished songs and 33 minutes of material for the next album. I'm yet to make some ambient songs, so let's see.

Preparing for the Raahe gig

5 Nov 2009

Okay, the idea is that we will record the gig for a live album of sorts! It will of course be released through the website, and maybe on CD later on. But there are still some questions about it, and the biggest one is that there's probably no FOH at the show :D I'll have to do it myself... while playing on stage :P So, hopefully it works out well enough.

Gig in 21 hours from now!

3 Nov 2009

Okay it's once again gig time! We have some merchandise with us too, at very special show prices:

T-shirt = 10 euros
T-shirt + 2 CDs = 25 euros
T-shirt + 3 CDs = 30 euros!

See you at Ykå® Pub on wednesday 4 November at 21:30!

Another new song

31 Oct 2009

Just finished the newest piece, 262 bpm of all-out black metalish shredding ;) It's a ridiculous song, and should be fun to play live :D

Gig in Oulu!

23 Oct 2009

There's a new show added for 4 November (wednesday) at Ykå® Pub in Oulu! Joining us will be Dò²´¥rror from Gothenburg, Sweden and Magpie from Oulu. See you there!