Progress towards album #5

18 Nov 2009

Just like I did one for the past couple of albums, here's a quick run through the so far completed demo tracks, how they sound etc. Again, the song titles may not be final, as they will be named after the lyrics have been finished. Okay, let's see. These are in alphabetical order:

Chaos Dimension
A bit slower (in Vortech scale :D) with lots of melody and synths, but the chorus goes down a dark path towards (you guessed it!), chaos feel in the first two appearances of the chorus, with a nice lead line replacing the grand piano in the remaining choruses. Imagine opening a door and stepping out to a thunderstorm.

Charcoal Earth
The quick intro leads you right into a melodic black metal kind of chorus, followed by a melancholic verse part where the synths take the stage. Soon the mood goes towards darkness... I think the verse has a lot of Need for Speed II/III intro music feel. A bit more experimental in the later parts of the song. Overall somewhat lush, but uneasy in mood.

Demon In the Circuitry
The first song written for the upcoming album. Starts with some tentative blasting, leading into a mysterious verse. The chorus lets it loose, leading back to a Millennium era FLA-like dark thingy. On the second time, the chorus gets a nice lead addition, much in Deep Beneath spirit. Then it's time to stop and hammer down an intense breakdown with lots of processed synth.

Frozen Machine
The most extreme song I've done for Vortech. All out black metal at 262 bpm with lots of mountain-high orchestral synths, ridiculous shredding rhythms and a desperate lead guitar line. And back to some more fireworks and leads. And some more muscular blasting :P A brief slow part, picking up the pace in no time, leading into the snowstorm of a chorus. Think of Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk, taking place in the future...

The future is grim indeed, in a bit more thrash-like song, with a nice twist. Fear Factory goes Meshuggah? A bit eastern in the chorus, followed by a melodic post-chorus. Then it's blast-time, and back to some tricksy palm mutes.

Pyre of Souls
Now this is an interesting piece. And yes, this song was written before Devin released Addicted! :) An upbeat, very industrial metal song in pure mid-90's Waltari style, but with some twisted melodies. This song is actually compiled of some excellent outtake riffs from the Posthumanism sessions, that didn't fit into the other songs, but sounded great on their own. Get your ass shakin' :D

The Apocalypse
What else would a song with a title like that be? Blastbeat and shr... well, actually it's a doom metal song :D From 262 bpm down to 80 bpm! Very slow and haunting, with more synths than your average doom song, but that's what experimentation is about ;) Think of H.P. Lovecraft in song form. Very eerie, mysterious and dark. Quite a different style than the other songs, and it's possibly the album ending song.

The Black Rite
A monster of a chorus! Very epic and grand, plus heavy of course. Somewhat more in the progressive vein of Deep Beneath, but with more synths and devilish melodies. One of my favourite songs of these eight, and will end up in our live set for sure. It already sounds like an excellent song to end a show with!

So there you go, a quick description of the songs finished so far. I will keep writing songs until new year or so, including some ambient stuff again, and there's also a few unfinished songs left to complete. Overall, I think there will be 15 songs from which I will select the final 10-11 songs for the album. Should be a nice continuation to the Vortech timeline! No idea of when it will be finished, but more than likely it will be spring 2010 or so, as usual ;)

Website back!

17 Nov 2009

Our webhost screwed up the domain update and that's why you saw the ad page for a while. Now the site seems to be back up, so have fun!

I'm currently working on a thrashier song, let's see what happens with it.

I also finished one previously started song, called Charcoal Earth. Melancholic, electronic and fast :P There's now 8 finished songs and 33 minutes of material for the next album. I'm yet to make some ambient songs, so let's see.

Preparing for the Raahe gig

5 Nov 2009

Okay, the idea is that we will record the gig for a live album of sorts! It will of course be released through the website, and maybe on CD later on. But there are still some questions about it, and the biggest one is that there's probably no FOH at the show :D I'll have to do it myself... while playing on stage :P So, hopefully it works out well enough.

Gig in 21 hours from now!

3 Nov 2009

Okay it's once again gig time! We have some merchandise with us too, at very special show prices:

T-shirt = 10 euros
T-shirt + 2 CDs = 25 euros
T-shirt + 3 CDs = 30 euros!

See you at Ykå® Pub on wednesday 4 November at 21:30!