22 Dec 2009

The next year will be a bit special, not only with the new album coming out, but it is also the 10th anniversary of the band, so expect something special. Something I don't think has been done before by anyone, but it will be very cool ;)


20 Dec 2009

While waiting for the album, here's a quick video about how I usually write songs :)


It also features quick snippets from two new tracks, plus of course the raw material for a third one. Enjoy!

Raahe Live Industry!

5 Dec 2009

Ok, we decided to release the Raahe gig recording! It won't be an "official" release, as I'm not all that happy about the playing, since we didn't have any monitors during the show :D Quite difficult to play when you don't hear anything :-q But anyway, it's mostly good so here you go!


The setlist was:

1. The Awakening
2. Their Contract
3. Impulse
4. Shedding the Flesh
5. Biodroid Legions
6. Retribution
7. The New Creations
8. Evolutionary Project
9. Destined to Fall


Post show palaver

5 Dec 2009

The show was nice and the recording was completed. Now we just have to decide if the show is good enough for an official release from the quality viewpoint and such. Maybe it will be released...

Today Is the Day

3 Dec 2009

As a reminder: later tonight we will play in Raahe at the Rytmikellari, and like mentioned we will record the show for a possible live album release. It all depends on how it sounds and if it works well ;) The setlist has evolved and some songs have changed for live renderings. We will also have some merchandise for sale at a nice price, to add one more good reason to show up ;)

Now it's time to pack the necessary equipment up, so see you there!