One more gig

30 Mar 2010

Another show was just confirmed! On 7 July, we will play at Bar Koodi in Kemi with Ikuinen vaiva. See you there, too!

Heads up

1 Mar 2010

There might be a gig coming up soon, if all goes well! Stay tuned!

Okay, the gig has been confirmed! We will play with Synestesia in Hevimesta in Oulu on wednesday 31 March! See you there, and there may be some new songs waiting for their live premiere! ;)


20 Jan 2010

Right now there's 11 full songs finished (47:29), with 2-3 more going to be done before I'll start to pick the songs for the album. It's coming together very nicely, and the songs are much more varied this time around. Should be an interesting album ;) More news once there things to report...


22 Dec 2009

The next year will be a bit special, not only with the new album coming out, but it is also the 10th anniversary of the band, so expect something special. Something I don't think has been done before by anyone, but it will be very cool ;)


20 Dec 2009

While waiting for the album, here's a quick video about how I usually write songs :)

It also features quick snippets from two new tracks, plus of course the raw material for a third one. Enjoy!