Guitar Recording

26 May 2010

Okay, here's a little chart for you to follow the progress. When a song is [x] checked, the guitars for that song have been finished:

[x] Frozen Machine
[x] Lost
[x] Neurovirus
[x] Shattered Cities
[x] The Apocalypse
[x] The Black Rite
[x] Unveiling the Future
[x] Demon In the Circuitry

And another one for the EP tracks:

[x] Chaos Dimension
[x] Charcoal Earth
[x] Pyre of Souls
[x] Wire Synapse


25 May 2010

Just for the fun of it, I posted a compilation of demo teaser clips from the various songs on the upcoming album! Head on to Myspace to hear some sneak previews ;) Tomorrow, I will start to record the guitars and if the previous albums have been any indicators, it will take about 3 days. Then it's time for bass....

Enjoy! ;)

Studio Progress

20 May 2010

The first step in recording is of course setting up the instruments and picking the sounds. So that's what I've been doing now. I finished adjusting the intonation, truss rod and tuning earlier today, and a while ago I picked the guitar tone for the album. The whole chain seems to be: Gtr -> Redeye -> Fireface 400 -> Poulin LeGion (VST preamp) -> Poulin LeCab -> DSS3 Mesa 4x12 impulses

It's sounding monster and very tight, which should fit the album too ;) And not to leave you hanging, here's also a video from the tone sessions. Of course, you can't tell much from that, but at least you'll see how I did the picking and comparing. Have fun!

Recording begins tomorrow

17 May 2010

Alright, now that all 13 tracks (album + EP) have been processed and prepared, it's time to start recording them tomorrow! I will post videos in the same manner as during the preparation phase, so stay tuned for some more videos and song clips ;)

Vortech in the Studio, Video 5

10 May 2010