Some delays

7 Jul 2010

Seems like I caught a sore throat, so recording the demo vocals has been delayed for a while (1-4 weeks). Meanwhile, I'll continue writing the remaining lyrics. Most of them are already finished, but I won't mark them in the list below until I have an mp3 with the demo vocals. I'll also rehearse for the upcoming gig in Rovaniemi, at Grande on 23 July.


16 Jun 2010

Now it's time to work on the lyrics! This is, of course, a much slower process. But it shouldn't take too long, as I intend to have the album out before October. Hopefully much earlier, though :)

[x] The Black Rite
[x] Neurovirus
[x] Shattered Cities
[x] Demon In the Circuitry
[x] Frozen Machine
[x] Lost
[x] Unveiling the Future
[x] The Apocalypse
[ ] Grains of Reality

And another one for the EP tracks:

[ ] Charcoal Earth
[ ] Chaos Dimension
[ ] Pyre of Souls
[ ] Wire Synapse

Well, finished :D

9 Jun 2010

Why wait until tomorrow when you can do it today...

Start: 17:34
Finished: 22:24

4 hours and 50 minutes to record all the bass guitars for the new album, plus bounce the tracks... not bad ;)

Now it's time to start working on the vocals, and doing some initial test mixes.

Progress with bass, preparing for vocals

9 Jun 2010

Okay, I'm currently recording the bass tracks for the songs, and so far three songs have been finished. Once the bass is finished, I will also bounce the guitar and bass tracks, so that the song is ready for vocal recording and subsequent mixing. Each song will once again be listed below and I will check them once they're finished.

As for vocals, I still don't have much in the way of lyrics - only one sketch of full lyrics for The Black Rite, and some lines here and there for the others. Matti has some lyrics for a few songs, so there's still a few more to finish. Once all the bass tracks are recorded and the songs prepared, I will start to concentrate on the lyrics. The idea is forming quite well for the theme of the album, but more on that later... meanwhile:

Bass / Preparation

[x] [x] Frozen Machine
[x] [x] Lost
[x] [x] Neurovirus
[x] [x] Shattered Cities
[x] [x] The Apocalypse
[x] [x] The Black Rite
[x] [x] Unveiling the Future
[x] [x] Demon In the Circuitry

And for the EP:

[x] [x] Chaos Dimension
[x] [x] Charcoal Earth
[x] [x] Pyre of Souls
[x] [x] Wire Synapse

Bass Recording

8 Jun 2010

Phew, all guitars have now been recorded! 12 songs, 4 rhythm guitar tracks each, and 2 or 4 lead guitar tracks each. That's was a lot of work :P Now it's time to start recording bass, which is always fun :)

Maybe at some point I'll post some of those guitar recording videos, probably after some edits, because there's one video for almost every riff and lead :P