27 Nov 2010

Today was the first rehearsal session with Ville Miinala, our new drummer! Seven songs so far, more tomorrow, hehe. Maybe some videos. So after lots of practice, there should be a live show (or two) coming with live drums! Another piece in the puzzle is found...

Songs rehearsed: Bewildered, Biodroid Legions, Destined to Fall, Evolutionary Project, Humanity: Static, Shedding the Flesh, The Wolves

Vortech now on Amazon, iTunes, and such!

16 Nov 2010

Oh yeah, you can now buy our music on Amazon MP3 and iTunes, plus some other similar ones, listed below! Very soon you can also listen to our music on Spotify! :) Have fun!

The full list, once the whole process is finished:

Amazon MP3
PlayNow arena
Nokia Music Store
24/7 entertainment

Very special prices now!

23 Oct 2010

The prices for our merchandise have been updated! Now is the time to show the world which band you like, while blasting the same music from your stereo! ;)

3CD + t-shirt package = 29,95 euros
T-shirt = 14,95 euros
1 CD = 7,95 euros

All with free shipping! Check more details and buy in the Vortech Shop!

Already looking to the future!

23 Oct 2010

And in case you missed it at some point, there will also be a 4-song EP after the new album has been released. It will feature songs that were composed at the same time as the other songs on the new album, but didn't fit stylistically to the album. They're still great songs, so hence the extra EP ;) And as just a high-five to some long-term fans, and new ones too, here's a teaser clip on how one of those songs on the EP sounds like! Enjoy ;)


Let the speculation start on which of the four songs that one is... hehe.