Very special prices now!

23 Oct 2010

The prices for our merchandise have been updated! Now is the time to show the world which band you like, while blasting the same music from your stereo! ;)

3CD + t-shirt package = 29,95 euros
T-shirt = 14,95 euros
1 CD = 7,95 euros

All with free shipping! Check more details and buy in the Vortech Shop!

Already looking to the future!

23 Oct 2010

And in case you missed it at some point, there will also be a 4-song EP after the new album has been released. It will feature songs that were composed at the same time as the other songs on the new album, but didn't fit stylistically to the album. They're still great songs, so hence the extra EP ;) And as just a high-five to some long-term fans, and new ones too, here's a teaser clip on how one of those songs on the EP sounds like! Enjoy ;)


Let the speculation start on which of the four songs that one is... hehe.

Meanwhile in Finland...

18 Oct 2010

I just finished one long-term project that some of you might have been waiting for. Yes, the elusive Making of Posthumanism video! I'm currently uploading it to Youtube, so expect a link very soon :) 7,5 minutes of tight information!

Here you go!

Some more progress

15 Oct 2010

I just finished a preliminary final mix for the new album, and it sounds very nice and raw (Recto, baby!). And that leaves just the vocals to be recorded, and then to import them in. The album will finish on the fly along with the vocals, so it might be quick!

And also, I just finished making the first draft for the album artwork, so things are slowly falling into place for the release! Hopefully I will be able to make a professional CD-R release for both the new album, plus Posthumanism.