Progress on the 2012 album composing

18 Apr 2011

So, right now there are two songs demoed and the idea for the full album seems to be forming up :) Very different from the previous, that's for sure! But even more twisted, heheh. Can't wait to have this released, it should prove to be a nice addition to the category of rare genres of music :)


2 Apr 2011

While waiting for the vocals for the upcoming album to be finished, I have already started to write songs for the album after the upcoming one, hehe. But hold your horses, the album I just started to write songs for is probably released sometime in 2012.

You're probably curious what the 2012 album will sound like. Well, from the first songs and rough material, it is very different to Posthumanism and the 2011 album. Much more electronic and more ambient in general, but still with lots of guitars ;) We think three albums of blastbeats should do for the time being, so don't expect a lot (if any) of them on the 2012 album. The style is more futuristic, beat-oriented with industrial ambience.

It's all very inspiring at the moment, so the 2012 album should progress well in the upcoming months :)

Two songs mixed

27 Feb 2011

Slowly but surely it's coming together! I've finished two mixes with Matti's vocals, and it's still sounding very good, especially the second mix! Some more songs left to record and then the album can be released! Taking a while, but for the best :)

And of course, at this point I've already been looking forward, and the album after the upcoming one will be slightly different than the past two albums. But let's see how the final direction is like! I'm sure it will be more electronic overall.

First vocals received

20 Jan 2011

I just received the first batch of vocals from Matti and I'll start to work on the mix very soon :) Once the process is well underway, there will probably be some clips for all to hear :) Despite all the hardware breakdowns, I'm sure this album will be out well before summer :)


4 Jan 2011

The album Posthumanism has now been downloaded over 2000 times through our website! :) And Deep Beneath is not too far behind. Each successive album seems to have higher and higher download counts, which is very good!

The new EP has been downloaded over 150 times already, too! And everyone is of course waiting for the new full length release, which is still in the vocal recording phase. Hopefully it will be released soon!