19 Jan 2012

Things are moving about in the backdrops, but let's see what the future holds.

Meanwhile, another new demo song is ready! That brings the total to 5 tracks fully demoed and two more on the line... Interesting times indeed!

Hold your horses!

6 Oct 2011

Ok, the release is not yet imminent, but let's see what happens. Meanwhile, I'm having a lot of more ideas for the next songs, and even the next-next album (2013? Maybe sooner). And the idea is that it will feature real drums! Yep, Ville will most likely take over the duties of a drum-human(?). So it will be with great anticipation we look forward with!

But to sum it up:

Late 2011(-ish): the current album, entitled Devoid of Life
Mid 2012: the electronic album
Sometime 2013: the album with human drums

Eerie silence... ends!

15 Jul 2011

I was happy to hear that Matti will resume work on the vocals in a brand new studio built in hte premises of his other band. The latest progress report is that we should have the new album out in September! Let's hope things go well, and finally you can hear the new album in its entirety! I'm very thrilled to have it released, after a long time. As some might remember, the instrument tracks were recorded back in May 2010.

Progress on the 2012 album composing

18 Apr 2011

So, right now there are two songs demoed and the idea for the full album seems to be forming up :) Very different from the previous, that's for sure! But even more twisted, heheh. Can't wait to have this released, it should prove to be a nice addition to the category of rare genres of music :)


2 Apr 2011

While waiting for the vocals for the upcoming album to be finished, I have already started to write songs for the album after the upcoming one, hehe. But hold your horses, the album I just started to write songs for is probably released sometime in 2012.

You're probably curious what the 2012 album will sound like. Well, from the first songs and rough material, it is very different to Posthumanism and the 2011 album. Much more electronic and more ambient in general, but still with lots of guitars ;) We think three albums of blastbeats should do for the time being, so don't expect a lot (if any) of them on the 2012 album. The style is more futuristic, beat-oriented with industrial ambience.

It's all very inspiring at the moment, so the 2012 album should progress well in the upcoming months :)