T-shirt voting closed! Lucky winner selected

20 Apr 2012

Congratulations to Louis Hlodowig from Paris, France! You were selected as the winner of the voting draw, and we have contacted you personally!

The shirt that won the voting was the Neuroshirt design, which you can see here:


The shirts will be manufactured before summer, and we will inform again when the shirts will be purchaseable through our website! Stay tuned, and thanks for all the votes :)

Interview at The Core of Brutality

17 Apr 2012

There is a new interview online at The Core of Brutality. Check it out!

Vote for T-shirt 2012!

12 Apr 2012

We have a vote going on in our Facebook page now, where you can like any or all shirt designs and a random winner per each 50 votes will be chosen! You can also vote by send us an email at vortechband@gmail.com! Please include the name(s) of the shirt design you like! You can view the shirt designs here (Facebook account NOT required!), the name of the shirt can be seen when you click on it:

Vote for T-shirt 2012! at Facebook.com

Voting ends on:
19 April 2012 at 8 PM (GMT+3)
19 April 2012 at 10 AM (PST)

Good voting!

Devoid of Life released!

7 Apr 2012

The brand new album, Devoid of Life, has been released today, on 7 April 2012! Featuring our new drummer Ville Miinala and our new vocalist Mikko Nikula! Enjoy a fresh breath of blastbeats and extreme guitars, with generous electronics!

Initially available as a digital download, look forward to the summer for the physical CD release! Meanwhile, you can download the entire album FOR FREE from the link below.

Alternatively, you can support our music by buying the digital release through BandCamp, and soon also from Amazon MP3, iTunes, and Spotify!


Devoid of Life


The Black Rite
Shattered Cities
Demon In the Circuitry
Frozen Machine
Unveiling the Future
The Apocalypse
Grains of Reality


Juha Untinen - Guitars, Bass, Programming, Lyrics
Ville Miinala - Drums
Mikko Nikula - Vocals


Mixed and Mastered by Teemu Miinala
Engineered by Juha Untinen
Artwork by Juha Untinen


12 Mar 2012

This website is soon starting a long-overdue overhaul to improve some things and provide more content. There should also be some more social elements added and the guestbook will receive an update to allow unicode characters. The biography and such will also be updated to reflect the current status.

The basic structure is already done, and now the eyes turn toward creating the content. There will be some extensive PHP additions, to make many things more handy, so it might take some time for them to be added. I will see later whether I will update the important content, and then add more things to the site as they become ready.

But tune in later to see the new site! Hopefully by the end of this week. There should also be some updates on the new album, too...