New demo song available on Soundcloud!

29 May 2012

Hindrance of Existence, enjoy a fresh breath of industrial, drum&bass, and metal :) Look forward to the end of 2012 for more stuff like this, in album form! ;)

Review requests

16 May 2012

Some review requests sent out :) We will conduct a more extensive campaign when the physical CD is available.

New things

10 May 2012

Another demo song done! That brings the total to 9 already, about 34 minutes of new material. I'll keep writing until there's 15 songs to choose from and then start thinking about song orders and what style of songs are still needed.

It will be probably closer to the end of the year before we'll start recording though.

CD pressings

9 May 2012

Devoid of Life is currently being planned to be released as a factory-pressed CD, and will be available during the summer!


25 Apr 2012

You can find us on Twitter now, @VortechMetal, so enjoy our crazy comments and see you there!