Current plans

20 Aug 2012

Just a slight update once again on all things in progress:

1) The new electronic metal album will have a couple of more demo songs done before it's time to start reviewing the material and choosing what songs will be on it. Recording it will be quite quick after that, since there's only guitars and vocals that need to be recorded live.

2) The CD prints for Devoid of Life and Posthumanism. I just need to finish the preparation of the artwork and gather the funds for it, then I will send quote requests and then they should be ready within this year - depending on funds mostly. They will be printed CDs, instead of factory-made CD-R discs.

3) The T-shirts for Devoid of Life will be ordered as soon as I get replies to the quote requests, and then we will decide which company we will use. The shirts should be quickly available after that, and they will be available for purchase through our website and hopefully some other places.

4) Live shows and rehearsals. We will continue our rehearsals at least until we have a nice setlist working well, and then we will start looking forward to playing some concerts around Finland, and hopefully soon abroad too!

5) The next Vortech band album. Of course being planned already! I already have some ideas for the style and such, and I'm sure many will be pleased to know it will be a really fast one, hehe. Scifi and all... For sure it will be ready by the end of 2013, but who knows maybe even earlier.

6) We are also trying out some extra members for the band, although currently perhaps just for live shows. We'll see how things work out, and maybe we will have some full-time additions!

7) Also some updates for the website will come in the near future, addressing some things that could work a bit differently, plus adding some more things!

I guess that should cover most things for the time being :)


12 Aug 2012

We also have a new promo picture available in the Downloads section, and also below:

Promo 2012

You wanna piece of me?

12 Aug 2012

If you choose to, you can support our cause at our Sell A Band page, found here:, where you can support in funding our next physical CD release and some studio upgrades! Check out also what you get in return! Lifetime albums, lifetime free entrance to our shows, etc.

Another rehearsal video

3 Aug 2012

Results of the sessions

31 Jul 2012

The rehearsals went well and the songs are starting to work well! Here's some pictures and a video from the sessions (more to come later):