Demo song ahoy!

27 Nov 2012

In case you missed it, you can check out a brand new demo song called "Control the Masses" at SoundCloud. Electronic, eclectic, excruciatingly exciting!

Discounts for the end of days!

5 Nov 2012

21 December is closing in fast, so you better get prepared with a nice fix of Vortech! Hehe, we are running a discount campaign over at BandCamp until 31 December, so remember to check out all the ingredients for a verrryr fast Christmas!

Example items:

Hoodie w/ zipper for 39,99 USD!

The new CD for 11,99 USD !
Devoid of Life

The mega package with 3 CDs + FLAC + t-shirt for 29,95 USD!
Vortech Pack

Awesome deals to close an awesome year! Hope you like it ;) And be quick!

Buy Vortech CDs, digital music and clothes here

30 Oct 2012

As of now, you can buy all Vortech-related items that exist from our Bandcamp:

- Devoid of Life
- Deep Beneath
- Wasteland
- Conclusion

- All albums! Comes with full lyrics in PDF format

- Sidebar t-shirt
- Neuroshirt Hoodie with zipper
- Neuroshirt t-shirt
- Neuroshirt girlie shirt

Enjoy shopping! :) Almost all of the money will go directly for the band, and thus supports the cause bringing more music for you to hear :)

Lyrical wizardry

29 Oct 2012

I will soon start working on the lyrics for the electronic metal album, and hopefully they will be done by the end of the year! Whether it will be a concept album or not, it's too early to tell. Perhaps it is time to try something new, as pretty much all previous albums have been concept albums :) Firmly in the future, fear not...