Discounts for the end of days!

5 Nov 2012

21 December is closing in fast, so you better get prepared with a nice fix of Vortech! Hehe, we are running a discount campaign over at BandCamp until 31 December, so remember to check out all the ingredients for a verrryr fast Christmas!

Example items:

Hoodie w/ zipper for 39,99 USD!

The new CD for 11,99 USD !
Devoid of Life

The mega package with 3 CDs + FLAC + t-shirt for 29,95 USD!
Vortech Pack

Awesome deals to close an awesome year! Hope you like it ;) And be quick!

Buy Vortech CDs, digital music and clothes here

30 Oct 2012

As of now, you can buy all Vortech-related items that exist from our Bandcamp:

- Devoid of Life
- Deep Beneath
- Wasteland
- Conclusion

- All albums! Comes with full lyrics in PDF format

- Sidebar t-shirt
- Neuroshirt Hoodie with zipper
- Neuroshirt t-shirt
- Neuroshirt girlie shirt

Enjoy shopping! :) Almost all of the money will go directly for the band, and thus supports the cause bringing more music for you to hear :)

Lyrical wizardry

29 Oct 2012

I will soon start working on the lyrics for the electronic metal album, and hopefully they will be done by the end of the year! Whether it will be a concept album or not, it's too early to tell. Perhaps it is time to try something new, as pretty much all previous albums have been concept albums :) Firmly in the future, fear not...

Promos sent out

15 Oct 2012

The majority of the Devoid of Life promo discs have now been sent, so expect the reviews to appear during the next weeks/months! The discs were sent out to almost all continents, naturally, so keep your eyes ready and your ears tuned in, hehe. We will also post links to all online reviews we find or receive, so no need to hunt for them :) That is also related to one upcoming addition to this website - a chance for everyone to review the albums quickly and easily!

Back to more rehearsing! ;)