The Electronic Front!

9 Mar 2013

We are now ready with writing new songs for the next Vortech album! Altogether, there's 18 new songs, clocking in at 1 hour 11 minutes 50 seconds! As mentioned, this album is highly electronic/industrial-oriented in the approach and expands the palette of Vortech to whole new levels!

I've always likened the style of Vortech as a triangle where each corner has one of the three aspects: 1) Extreme Metal, 2) Industrial and Electronic, and 3) Progressive. Looking back, Deep Beneath leaned a lot towards the Progressive corner, while for example Posthumanism was in the Extreme corner along with Wasteland. This brand new album will be a case where the flag is hoisted firmly in the Industrial and Electronic corner.

We will also work on a second album this year, which will be in the more familiar Vortech grounds of Industrial Death Metal. But at the moment, the full effort is given for this electronic metal album, which has the working title "The Binary Hive". We will now begin to go through the songs to pick a suitable tracklist and do any adjustments to the songs if needed. The lyrics will also be written during this time, and once everythings ready, we will start to record the album!

That's it for the mean time!
- Juha

Wanna hear some snippets from the next album?

27 Feb 2013

You betcha! Enjoy not one or two, but a full 15-song teaser for the next album, due out in a future near your synapses!

You can also check it out in Youtube:

The Final Few

20 Feb 2013

I continued working on the last few tracks for the next album, which is sounding quite catchy and EBM-ish... with a nice touch of guitar added to finalize the sound of a gritty future!

Devoid of Life is nominated for Best of 2012!

13 Feb 2013

Over at Metal Storm, Devoid of Life is nominated for Best Industrial/Cyber/Electronic Metal album of the year 2012! Go vote, too :)

Metal Storm Awards 2012