The Final Few

20 Feb 2013

I continued working on the last few tracks for the next album, which is sounding quite catchy and EBM-ish... with a nice touch of guitar added to finalize the sound of a gritty future!

Devoid of Life is nominated for Best of 2012!

13 Feb 2013

Over at Metal Storm, Devoid of Life is nominated for Best Industrial/Cyber/Electronic Metal album of the year 2012! Go vote, too :)

Metal Storm Awards 2012

New year, new tricks, new stuff!

2 Jan 2013

2013 will be a lucky one for you fans of Vortech, as there will be possibly two albums out this year, to make up for the lost year of 2011, hehe.

In the first half of 2013, we will release the new electronic metal album, of which several sample songs have already been published. But don't be too complacent yet, as the most exciting tracks are still kept in secret! :)

And the second album will be started as soon as there's time. The second album will be back to the familiar Vortech-ground of extreme metal infused with an industrial edge! If all goes well, look forward to the end of the year for the first tasters! If not even the finished thing :)

Have a great 2013!