Finalizing phase before recording starts

22 May 2013

One song left to do lyrics for! Overall, the lyrics are mixture of something familiar and something abstract. You should find them very nice and cozy to paint a dystopian mental picture with, hehe. This time around, the themes are centered slightly further in the future, where things are different in many ways. Neon lights reflecting from pouring rain puddles on sleek steel, destroyed in long-past conflicts.

I have also started working on the Guitar Pro tabs for the songs, so all you guitar slingers can have a go at the songs! Perhaps I will do some instruction videos too. As the songs have quite a bit of new tricks, in terms of Vortech, there should be some nice revelations to be found when checking the tabs! Look forward to the tabs on our updated website, published with the release of the album!

Anyway, the next point on the schedule is recording the demo vocals. A very important thing to do, as you would expect. After doing the demos, we will check how the lyrics work with the phrasing and such, and if something needs to be adjusted before recording the real vocals. Once the demo vocals are done, it is time to begin recording album number 6...

Lyrics soon done!

14 May 2013

Just some finalization left to do, and then the lyrics are finally done for the next release!

Fulltime lyrics generation

11 Apr 2013

The lyrics for the next album are well underway, with about 70% of them ready for demo vocals! Once the lyrics are done and demoed, it's time to start recording the album! Much work has been done to make sure it's as streamlined and complete as possible, with a few songs appearing in another context.. More news on that later!

Practice makes perfect

29 Mar 2013

We just had a three-day streak of rehearsals, which is quite nice! The songs practiced will be on our live set, and possibly we will have a show or two sometime soon! Altogether there are 13 songs in the list, allowing us to play up to one hour, which is nice ;)

Forking a maze in

10 Mar 2013

The tracklist is progressing quite well. The method I use this time is to pick a song that starts the album, and then find which song works the best following the previous song. If there are multiple very good followers, I fork the list. Then I'll just listen which of the lists works the best.