Vocal recording has started!

3 Aug 2013

Starting from today, Mikko has become busy with recording the vocals for the upcoming album, The Occlusion, with Teemu Miinala, who also recorded the drums and vocals for our previous release Devoid of Life! The recording session will first concentrate on the full length album, after which the vocals for the accompanying EP will be recorded.

Can't wait to hear the results :)

Starting to mix!

29 Jul 2013

We have now reached the moment to start doing some test mixes! Only the vocals remain to be recorded, and the recording sessions will start next week, if all goes well! Meanwhile I will start to make some initial test mixes and look for the suitable guitar tones and overall sound for the album!

Shouldn't take too long, now...

Consolidate the Progress

29 Jun 2013

I'm almost finished with the consolidation of the projects, in preparation for the mixing phase. Mikko is also rehearsing at the moment, so we will start recording the vocals quite soon!

Well, the instruments are now done!

21 Jun 2013

All instruments have now been recorded for the next album and next EP! Altogether 18 songs, completely finished in 15,5 hours hehe :) Now, the next step will be to record all the vocals with Mikko. Hopefully in July, and perhaps by September we will have something new for all the fans!