Consolidate the Progress

29 Jun 2013

I'm almost finished with the consolidation of the projects, in preparation for the mixing phase. Mikko is also rehearsing at the moment, so we will start recording the vocals quite soon!

Well, the instruments are now done!

21 Jun 2013

All instruments have now been recorded for the next album and next EP! Altogether 18 songs, completely finished in 15,5 hours hehe :) Now, the next step will be to record all the vocals with Mikko. Hopefully in July, and perhaps by September we will have something new for all the fans!

Instrument recordings almost complete!

21 Jun 2013

Today has been highly productive, as the instruments to almost all the songs on the upcoming album have been recorded! In just 14 hours, 18 songs - that's gotta be some kind of a record, hehe. Especially with quad tracked rhythm guitars + leads included... perhaps the album should be re-titled to Darkthrone? ;)

Final album and song titles

8 Jun 2013

Here you go, the final titles for the album and songs! I will also start working on the album artwork soon.

01. Forgotten World
02. Mechanicide
03. The Origin
04. Controlled
05. M.T.T.F.
06. Sparks of Ignition
07. Flatlined
08. Confined
09. Beyond Tolerance
10. Glitch of Creation
11. Below Radar
12. Genetic Design
13. Legacy System
14. Evolutionary Project (Debased Order Remix by Vortech)

01. Corroded
02. The Observers
03. Devour the Being
04. Uncreation

Enjoy the news. Once the album artwork is done, it will be posted here too!

It is time to start recording the album!

8 Jun 2013

All demo vocals are now ready, and that of course means it is time to start recording the album! Given the nature of the songs, it should prove to be a quick endeavour! Hang tight and check our Twitter, Facebook, or this website to catch the latest news!

Altogether there are 18 songs to be recorded, of which 14 will be on the album and the remaining four will be on an EP. Both will be released around the same time, so you'll have a nice year with Vortech! The release date depends on how quickly we can conclude the recording and finish the mixing, but usually they have not taken too long...

Stay tuned for more info about the album name and titles.