Soon ready to start recording

9 Jul 2017

After checking the votes and doing some additional choices, the final song list is starting to take shape! Soon it is once again time to record and prepare the lyrics. Since there is a lot of material (54 songs), there is bound to be some outtakes. Perhaps they will be included as bonus tracks or maybe an EP is formed out of them. Maybe a compilation of sorts?

The next album has no name yet, but hopefully it will be ready for release by the end of this year, or early 2018.

Meanwhile, we have now uploaded the entire album "...of What Remains" to Youtube in HD - enjoy!

Voting status

3 Mar 2017

Alrighty, the voting has been going on for a few months now and we have some tracks standing out already. There are 14 songs at the moment that lead the pack, in popularity order:

Exogenic Pulse
Aural Disconnect
Photon City
From Biodeath to Persistence
World Vector

On Splitting Planets
The Cybernetics
Revolution Mechanism
The Thought Machinery
Cybernetic Warrior

Source Corrupt
The Evolved Ones
What Makes Us Cyborgs
Manipulation Gear

And as a kind of related, some of you might know about February Album Writing Month, which is a yearly event where the goal is to write 14 songs during February. I've been taking part a few years already and here's the 14 songs from this year's FAWM - and most of the tracks are very much in Vortech style :) Perhaps we will have 2 albums coming out?

Let the system terminate the speakers!

17 Dec 2016

So it begins... we have now uploaded 24 new demo songs to a playlist you can all vote and comment on! Later next year, the top songs will be included on our 8th full length album - all songs will of course be re-recorded as usual. But enjoy the beginning of a new year to the tune of some industrial metal!

Here's something to get started with:

The near future, part 3

29 Nov 2016

Alright, it is almost time to unleash 24 songs to battle it out. To get you in the mood, here's a third teaser video with 3 minutes of new material:

The progress, as we know it

6 Nov 2016

Alright, time flies so fast! There's a lot of progress again for the songs and at the moment there are just 4 songs left to compose guitars for! So far it's sounding really good, and some songs really elevate with the guitars added. Many songs also have some experimental lead/clean guitar stuff in the background - just enough to make it really interesting.

Getting really close to being able to start arranging the demos into structured collections of parts and transitions, also known as songs :) Then you will finally be able to hear them in full!

There will probably be one more video quite soon, where you'll hear yet some more new material!